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How a breached vendor impacts your organization's security - this week's Whiteboard Wednesday

The traditional concept of the security perimeter is long-outdated, and as recent headline-grabbing data breaches have shown, we must also monitor to the corporate supply chain as a source of potential security issues down the road. And as business systems become increasingly interconnected, the risks…

The Anatomy of a Credit Card Breach: Whiteboard Wednesday [VIDEO]

The onset of the holiday season means lots of stores preparing for the inevitable shopping rush. While these retailers keep fingers crossed that customers make this season quite merry and bright, attackers also have high hopes for the season -- for lots of new credit…

WinShock (CVE-2014-6321) - what is it & how to remediate - Whiteboard Wednesday [VIDEO]

This month's Patch Tuesday disclosed vulnerability CVE-2014-6321, dubbed by some as "WinShock," and it's getting some major attention. Our Security Engineer Justin Pagano gives a rundown of this vulnerability with the information we have today—what it is, what it affects, and how you…

The difference between an IPS & IDS - Whiteboard Wednesday [VIDEO]

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) -- sometimes these acronyms are used a bit interchangeably, so we wanted to take a moment to clarify their differences and how these systems can be useful in your environment.Whiteboard Wednesday: IPS and IDS: What's…

Whiteboard Wednesday: Insider Threat Programs - How To Get Started

Do you need an insider threat program? It's a good question - one that more companies are considering as compromised users become an increasingly popular attack vector, and malicious user behavior becomes more prevalent. In this week's Whiteboard Wednesday video, we weigh some options on…

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