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NCSAM Security Crash Diet: Wrap-up

Wow, it’s November 7 already, and I still have all my National Cyber Security Awareness Month decorations up! I really need to take care of those. But, before I get to taking down all my 2FA authentication token lawn decorations, I figured it’d…

NCSAM Security Crash Diet, Week 4: IoT

The final week of our 'Security Crash Diet' series for NCSAM explores what the IoT device purchasing process is like for consumers who want to buy IoT with security in mind. Spoiler: It isn't easy.…

NCSAM Security Crash Diet, Week 3: Privacy and Backups

In week three of Rapid7's NCSAM 'Security Crash Diet' series, our cybersleuth 'Olivia' tests practical advice on privacy (think location-sharing) and has a few scary moments with backups.…

NCSAM Security Crash Diet, Week 2: Social and Travel

Rapid7 guinea pig 'Olivia' describes her efforts during week two of her security 'crash diet for National Cyber Security Awareness Month. This week focused on social sharing and travel security.…

NCSAM: How Hackable Are You?

Rapid7 partnered with The Today Show to offer a fun, fast self-assessment quiz to determine individual cybersecurity risk levels. How hackable are you?…

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