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Shan Sikdar  

Shan is a former employee of Rapid7.

How to Conduct DNS Reconnaissance for $.02 Using Rapid7 Open Data and AWS

Rapid7 is happy to announce that a subset of data from Project Sonar is now available on Amazon Web Services (AWS).…

The Dynamic Duo: How to Use Projects Heisenberg and Sonar to Investigate Attacker Behavior

Cracking a cybersecurity case often requires more than one viewpoint—just look at Starsky and Hutch. For internet-related cases in particular, Rapid7 Labs' Project Sonar and Project Heisenberg each offer unique strengths.…

Analyzing Activity on Kubernetes Ports: Potential Backdooring Through the Kubelet API

Recently at Rapid7 Labs, we’ve noticed an increase in activity on ports related to the management of a Kubernetes cluster. In this post, we provide background context to Kubernetes and how it relates to the issues we see, as well as offer some guidance…

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