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Rapid7 Blog

Rebecca Carter  



Improve your scan performance with Scan Engine pooling

You can improve the speed of your scans for large numbers of assets in a single site by pooling your Scan Engines. With pooling, the work it takes to scan one large site is split across multiple engines to maximize pool utilization. Additionally, engine pooling…

Improving Visibility into your Security Program – the Risk Scorecard Report

One of the most strenuous aspects of managing your security program is understanding where to focus your time and effort.  It can be a challenge to balance providing consistent progress updates to your stakeholders and working with your IT teams to prioritize and remediate…

New Nexpose charts!

At Rapid7, we are always looking to make improvements to provide more value to our customers. We've listened and in Nexpose 5.10, we've redesigned all the charts in the Nexpose user interface to give you information you care about at a quick glance.  And…

New charts are coming!

The ability to quickly view all of your data in the proper context is essential to managing the status of your network. The current Nexpose Home page charts provide a lot of great data, but we are always looking to provide more value.In the…

Happy New Year! ~ from your friendly Nexpose engineers

   Los Angeles Office      Toronto OfficeHappy New Year! While we are looking ahead to 2014, we want to pause and take a look back at some of our accomplishments in 2013. We had a big year at Nexpose and made…