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Kwan Lin  

Kwan is a Senior Data Scientist on the Rapid7 Labs team.

Exim Vulnerability (CVE-2019-16928): Global Exposure Details and Remediation Advice

On Sept. 27, CVE-2019-16928 was promulgated, indicating all Exim versions 4.92–4.92.2 were vulnerable to a heap-based buffer overflow.…

How Rapid7 Takes an Artful Approach to Data Science

There is often a misconception that data science merely entails grabbing a mass of data, throwing it at some machine learning, and hoping for the best. In practice, we like to be more thoughtful than that.…

How Rapid7 Researchers Used Data Science to Wrangle Messy WHOIS Data

As part of our research for the Industry Cyber-Exposure Report: Fortune 500, we attempted to quantify the public exposure of various organizations.…

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