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Rapid7 Blog

Josh Frantz  

Josh Frantz is the Lead Security Consultant on the Product Consulting team at Rapid7. He helps customers secure their cloud environments, whether they're shifting from on-premises or starting fresh.



Automating the Cloud: AWS Security Done Efficiently

Today, we are going to be installing software on all your existing EC2 instances across several (or all!) accounts under an organization in AWS.…

Buy One Device, Get Data Free: Private Information Remains on Donated Tech

When you have old computers, flash drives, phones, or hard drives that you no longer use, you might take them to a resale shop, thrift store, or recycling center. However, have you ever wondered what happens to these devices and the data within them?…

Head in the Clouds: Data Warehousing in the Google Cloud

This blog discusses how to leverage InsightVM's Data Warehousing functionality to export scan data to a managed Cloud SQL instance in the Google Cloud Platform.…

Windows Event Forwarding: The Best Thing You’ve Never Heard Of

This blog post will discuss how to get logs into your SIEM and create custom alerts to detect certain behaviors in those logs.…

The PowerShell Boogeyman: How to Defend Against Malicious PowerShell Attacks

By implementing basic controls, you can keep your data safe from potential PowerShell attacks and better detect malicious behavior trying to circumvent said controls.…