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Rapid7 Blog

Jonathan Stines  



The Return of Snapid Kevin to the North Pole

Santa has once again enlisted the help of his security consultant, Snapid Kevin, to evaluate his physical security. What will Snapid turn up?…

How to Build Your Own Caller ID Spoofer: Part 2

In Part 1, we talked about the need for organizations to test their security programs by performing social-engineering campaigns with their employees so they can understand employee susceptibility to these kinds of tactics, the potential impact to the organization of this kind of attack, and…

How to Build Your Own Caller ID Spoofer: Part 1

Purpose Organizations with mature security programs often test their own internal awareness programs by performing social engineering campaigns (e.g., telephone pretexting) on their personnel. These may include hiring third-party consulting companies as well as performing internal tests. These tests should strive to be as…

An Evaluation of the North Pole’s Password Security Posture

Co-written by Jonathan Stines and Tommy Dew. See all of this year's HaXmas content here. He sees your password choices; He knows when they’re not great. So don’t reuse those passwords, please, And make them all longer than eight. Now that Christmas has…