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Rapid7 Blog

Jesika McEvoy  



Did You Remediate That? How to Integrate Vulnerability Remediation Projects with Your IT Infrastructure

Remediation projects in InsightVM enable you to follow a vulnerability remediation task from beginning to end by leveraging automation-assisted patching.…

Did You Remediate That? How to Use the InsightVM Policy Compliance Status Report to Measure Benchmark Configurations

Reports within InsightVM can help you demonstrate whether your systems stand up against compliance requirements.…

How to Streamline Your Vulnerability Remediation Workflows with InsightVM Projects

If you’re like many security practitioners, you spend a lot of time working with spreadsheets. Whether you’re trying to prioritize your findings or distribute work to remediation teams, an all-too-common workflow is to export this data into a spreadsheet to then be sorted,…

AWS Asset Sync Connection: More Visibility into your AWS Infrastructure

We recently announced the release of an updated AWS discovery connection for our vulnerability management solutions, Nexpose and InsightVM. This new connection is more efficient and works to the user’s advantage; to do this, it leverages a different workflow than the old connection does.…

Incorporating Automated Actions Into Your Vulnerability Management Process

In today’s security climate, we all want to know that our data is as current as possible. Often, customers will increase their vulnerability scanning frequency to weekly or even daily to meet the needs of an ever-changing environment. However, this requires a lot of…