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Rapid7 Blog

Jeffrey Martin  



Metasploit Wrapup

This week, phra offers up a new potato dish to make privilege escalation in Windows just a bit tastier.…

Metasploit Wrapup

New Modules Exploit modules (3 new) Nagios XI Chained Remote Code Execution by Benny Husted, Cale Smith, and Jared Arave, which exploits CVE-2018-8736. Monitor this series of unfortunate events all the way to magical shells. Boxoft WAV to MP3 Converter v1.1 Buffer Overflow by…

Combining controls on servers to reduce attack surface area

Server coverage in ControlsInsight provides organizations with a new way to surface how well Windows Servers are configured to protect against known tactics that an attacker may use to infiltrate a network. One interesting way this information can help an organization improve its security posture…

Gleaning value from the ControlsInsight executive report

The Executive Report in ControlsInsight helps users understand the value of applying assessed security controls so that they can improve their security posture as reflected in the overall defense grade.Current StatusThe first section of the report starts out by highlighting the overall grade based…