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Metasploit and PTES

One of our Metasploit contributers, Brandon Perry, has put together a document detailing the recently released Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) with the modules and functionality in the Framework. PTES is a push from a group of testers fed up with the lack of guidance…

Exploit for critical Java vulnerability added to Metasploit

@_sinn3r and Juan Vasquez recently released a module which exploits the Java vulnerability detailed here by mihi and by Brian Krebs here. This is a big one.  To quote Krebs: "A new exploit that takes advantage of a recently-patched critical security flaw in Java…

Password Cracking in Metasploit with John the Ripper

HDM recently added password cracking functionality to Metasploit through the inclusion of John-the-Ripper in the Framework. The 'auxiliary/analyze/jtr_crack_fast' module was created to facilitate JtR's usage in Framework and directly into Express/Pro's automated collection routine. The module works against known Windows…