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Rapid7 Blog

Jacob Robles  



Metasploit Wrap-up

MSF 5 in the wild We announced the release of Metasploit Framework 5.0 this week. It’s Metasploit’s first major version release since 2011, and it includes lots of good stuff the team has been working on for the past year-plus. It will…

Metasploit Wrapup

Metasploit’s Brent Cook, Adam Cammack, Aaron Soto, and Cody Pierce are offering themselves up to the crowds at this year’s fourth annual Metasploit Town Hall at Derbycon.…

Metasploit Wrapup

Privilege Escalation Linux BPF CVE-2017-16995 is a Linux kernel vulnerability in the way that a Berkeley Packet Filter (BPF) is verified. Multiple sign extension bugs allows memory corruption by unprivileged users, which could be used for a local privilege escalation attack by overwriting a credential…

Metasploit Wrapup

Chaining Vulnerabilities Philip Pettersson discovered vulnerabilities in certain PAN OS versions that could lead to remote code execution and hdm wrote a Metasploit module for the exploit chain. The exploit chain starts off with an authentication bypass, which allows the module to access a page…

Metasploit Wrapup

What's Your Favorite Security Site? When you are browsing sites on the Internet, you may notice some sites will include your public IP address on their pages. But what if you came across a site that also showed your IP address from your private network…

Metasploit Wrapup

More Servers Please A new module by Pedro Ribeiro combines vulnerabilities for certain firmware versions of AsusWRT, which allows an unauthenticated user to enable a special command mode on the device. When the command mode is enabled, the device spins up infosvr on UDP port…