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Grant Willcox  

Metasploit Wrap-Up

Exploits for Oracle Solaris CVE-2020-14871 and Windows 7 CVE-2020-1054, plus enhancements and bug fixes for Railgun and msfdb init. Happy HaXmas!…

Metasploit Wrap-Up

SharePoint DataSet/DataTable deserialization First up we have an exploit from Spencer McIntyre (@zeroSteiner) for CVE-2020-1147, a deserialization vulnerability in SharePoint instances that was patched by Microsoft on July 14th 2020 and which has been getting quite a bit of attention in the news lately.…

Metasploit Wrap-Up

Nine new modules, including three IBM Data Risk Manager exploits, a couple Windows privilege elevation modules, and a .NET deserialization exploit for Veeam ONE Agent. Plus, a new .NET deserialization tool that allows users to generate serialized payloads in the vein of YSoSerial.NET.…

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