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Rapid7 Blog

Gavin Schneider  



More TLS Improvements in Nexpose 6.1.2

After releasing TLS Coverage Improvements in Nexpose 6.0.2 we figured that the Nexpose Security Console should be able to abide by our own suggestions. Last year we had already disabled SSLv3 support by default and allowed configuring what other protocols are enabled on…

Nexpose Gem 1.0 Released

As of April 8th, 2015, version 1.0 of the Nexpose gem (nexpose-client) is available.Big Numbers Mean Big ChangesNexpose 5.13 brings new API 2.1 features and following on that the 1.0 version of the Nexpose gem uses these new features. Because…

TLS/SSL Scanning Enhancements in Nexpose 5.12

The Nexpose 5.12 release included many enhancements, which you can read about in Nexpose release notes -  January 2015. In this blog post I'll focus on the changes made to TLS/SSL scanning in particular.Custom Root Certificate Authority CertificatesFirst I'd like to…

Nexpose API: SiteSaveRequest and IP Addresses vs Host Names

With the release of Nexpose 5.11.1 we made some changes under the hood that improved scan performance and scan integration performance. As a result of those changes, the rules applied to using SiteSaveRequest in API 1.1 became stricter, which may have caused…