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Divakar Kumar  

Publishing Nexpose Asset Risk Scores to ePO

Security professionals today face great challenges protecting their assets from breaches by hackers and malware. A good vulnerability management solution could help mitigate these challenges, but vulnerability management solutions often produce huge volumes of data from scanning and require lots of time spent in differentiating…

Apply business context to ControlsInsight with asset filtering

The ControlsInsight 2.6 release includes an exciting new asset filtering feature, leveraging Rapid7 RealContext™ and adding tremendous value to users. It is a revolution in the way ControlsInsight can be used henceforth. Prior to this release, ControlsInsight would show how well controls are…

Be safe and have your Web browsers updated

ControlsInsight measures how well critical security controls are deployed and configured in the environment. Web browsers up-to-date is one of the 11 critical security controls that ControlsInsight monitors, measures and provides deployment guidance for. What is the Web browsers up-to-date control? This control indicates how…

Fine-tune your threat model with control selection

Rapid7 ControlsInsight helps organizations measure how well critical security controls are deployed and configured across endpoints.  ControlsInsight then provides actionable and prioritized recommendations on how to improve your organization's security. Currently, our intelligent threat model analyzes 11 important security controls: Antivirus optimizedCode execution preventionEmail…

Operating System up to date control

ControlsInsight has a very important security control called the Operating systems up to date for which all the assets are evaluated. This control gives the indication of whether or not the Operating system present in each asset assessed by ControlsInsight is up to date with…

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