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Rapid7 Blog

Caitlin Condon  

Offensive Security Community Manager



Open Source Security Meetup (OSSM): Vegas 2018

Want to chat with members of the Metasploit Framework core dev team about open source security in Vegas this year? Come to the fourth annual OSSM (Open Source Security Meetup) August 9.…

Threat Intel Book Club: July recap, August sign-up

Register for the second round of Rapid7's threat intelligence book club and join us to discuss takeaways from Countdown to Zero Day.…

RSA 2018: Kickoff wrap-up

The opening day of RSA offered up copious nods to the need for security to be an integral, integrated part of innovation. RSA President Rohit Ghai talked about moving security upstream in the SDLC, Microsoft’s Brad Smith called for new ways to innovate that…

Threat Intel Book Club: The Cuckoo's Egg wrap-up

Last week, Rebekah Brown and I wrapped up The Cuckoo’s Egg with book club readers around the world. Dig through some blog archives to get a sense of how this book club got started and what we’ve discussed so far. Below is a…

Where to find Rapid7 in San Francisco: 2018 edition

Headed to San Francisco for RSA and/or BSides SF this year? Here's where to find us.…

Next Threat Intel Book Club 4/5: Recapping The Cuckoo’s Egg

Welcome, book clubbers! Our next digital book club meeting will be Thursday, April 5, 2018 at 8 PM EST. Register here (required): http://r-7.co/TIBCApril5. First-timer? Don’t have the book? No problem. We’ll be summarizing the plot and the takeaways from the…

Threat Intelligence Book Club: Round 2

Last Wednesday, Rebekah Brown and I hosted Rapid7’s inaugural threat intelligence book club meeting, where we dug into the first third of Cliff Stoll’s classic The Cuckoo’s Egg with what was (fortunately for us) deemed appropriate enthusiasm. A huge thanks to everyone…

Visions past and future: 2018 security predictions

Happy 2018, fellow humans (but not to you, bot army!). Like we've done in years before, we recently rounded up some of the best minds and most trenchant commentators the security industry has to offer and asked them to sum up the year gone by…

Congrats to the 2017 Community CTF Winners

It’s official: The 2017 Metasploitable3 community CTF has come to a close. Congrats to our winners! Each of the top three teams submitted all 14 flags in under 24 hours. Who needs sleep when you can live on shells? Standing Team First place rot26…

Announcing the Metasploitable3 Community CTF

Been waiting for the Linux version of Metasploitable3 to drop? We’ll do you one better: Metasploit is giving the community a week to rain shells on a penguin-shaped Metasploitable3 instance—and to win prizes at the end of it. Play starts December 4; see…

Giving thanks for security improvements

We see a lot of bad news in security: hacks, attacks, breaches, bad choices—tiny flaws that lead to significant failures. As part of a community that’s naturally wary of wins, it can be a battle to remember how much progress we’ve made…

UNITED Summit: Day 2

After a jam-packed day one of Rapid7’s UNITED Summit, the UNITED running club started the day bright and early yet again. The rest of us opened UNITED day two with a fireside chat hosted by Jen Ellis, Rapid7 VP of Community and Public Affairs,…

The Next Generation of the Rapid7 Community

Welcome to the new and improved place for Rapid7 blogs! Rapid7’s blogs aim to provide readers with pragmatic, down-to-earth information and advice to help you navigate the complexity and noise of the security landscape. We rely on, and greatly appreciate, the feedback and input…

Featured Research

National Exposure Index 2018

The National Exposure Index is an exploration of data derived from Project Sonar, Rapid7's security research project that gains insights into global exposure to common vulnerabilities through internet-wide surveys.

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Make Your SIEM Project a Success with Rapid7

In this toolkit, get access to Gartner's report “Overcoming Common Causes for SIEM Solution Deployment Failures,” which details why organizations are struggling to unify their data and find answers from it. Also get the Rapid7 companion guide with helpful recommendations on approaching your SIEM needs.

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Featured Research

Quarterly Threat Report

Rapid7’s Quarterly Threat Report leverages intelligence from our extensive network—including the Insight platform, managed detection and response engagements, Project Sonar, Heisenberg Cloud, and the Metasploit community—to put today’s shifting threat landscape into perspective. It gives you a clear picture of the threats that you face within your unique industry, and how those threats change throughout the year.

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