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Bulut Ersavas  

Bulut Ersavas is a senior manager at Rapid7 responsible for the product management of the company's flagship vulnerability management products.

Introducing a New InsightVM Dashboard to Monitor External and Remote Workforce Assets in Your Environment

In order to help our customers better track their remote workforce and external assets, we are introducing a new customizable dashboard within InsightVM.…

Q&A from April 2020 Customer Webcast on InsightVM Dashboards & Executive Summary Report

In this blog post, we wanted to address a number of commonly asked questions regarding InsightVM Dashboards.…

How to Use InsightVM’s Goals & SLAs Feature to Define Important Metrics and Optimize Your Security Operations

Rapid7 InsightVM’s new Goals & SLAs feature helps security teams define relevant and meaningful metrics so they’re able to set goals against them, track individual and team progress, and receive alerts when goals are achieved or missed.…

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