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VPNFilter's Potential Reach — Malware Exposure in SMB/Consumer-grade Devices

(Many thanks to Rebekah Brown & Derek Abdine for their contributions to the post.) How does VPNFilter work? Over the past few weeks, Cisco’s Talos group has published some significant new research on a new malware family called VPNFilter. VPNFilter targets and compromises networking…

No More Tears? WannaCry, One Year Later

WannaCry, one year later, and what happened to the SMB target environment.…

CVE 100K: By The Numbers

There have been 100,000 CVEs published. Here are some stats on the program so far.…

Drupalgeddon Vulnerability: What is it? Are You Impacted?

First up: many thanks to Brent Cook, William Vu and Matt Hand for their massive assistance in both the Rapid7 research into “Drupalgeddon” and their contributions to this post. Background on the Drupalgeddon vulnerability The Drupalgeddon 2 vulnerability announcement came out in late March (2018-03-28…

Cisco Smart Install (SMI) Remote Code Execution: What You Need To Know

What’s Up? Researchers from Embedi discovered (and responsibly disclosed) a stack-based buffer overflow weakness in Cisco Smart Install Client code which causes the devices to be susceptible to arbitrary remote code execution without authentication. Cisco Smart Install (SMI) is a “plug-and-play” configuration and image-management…

Cavete Symantec Testimonium Exspirare Martiis (Beware the Symantec Certificates Expiring in March)

This is a follow-up post to our December 2017 gift certificate piece discussing the 2018 schedule for distrust of Symantec certificates by Chrome and Firefox browsers. The Ides of March have come and gone and (as promised) we decided to see whether sites have heeded…

An Impressively Unprecedented Drop in Open memcached Services

(Many thanks to Jon Hart and Tom Sellers for their research and content for this blog post.) We started performing weekly monitoring of open/amplification-vulnerable memcached servers after the recent memcrashed amplification distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack and today we have some truly awesome news to…

The Flip Side of memcrashed

Rapid7 Labs keeps a keen eye on research and findings from other savvy security and technology organizations and noticed Cloudflare’s report on new distributed denial of service (DDoS) amplification attacks using memcached. If you haven’t read Cloudflare’s (excellent) analysis yet, the TLDR…

UK NCSC's "Active Cyber Defence" Brings New Hope To Our Combined Fight Against Cybercrime

This week the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) released their first report on the year one results of their "Active Cyber Defence" (ACD) initiative. And, they're amazing. The ACD program came out of an 2016 effort to re-think, re-imagine and re-tool cybersecurity…

Forget The Presents: HaXmas Is All About The [Gift] Certificates

2017 is nearly at an end, and most of the cybersecurity world is glad to see it go. We've been plagued with a myriad of vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and attacks that have kept many of us working harder than Santa's elves on December 23rd to ensure…

INTEL-SA-00086 Security Bulletin for Intel Management Engine (ME) and Advanced Management Technology (AMT) Vulnerabilities: What You Need To Know

INTEL-SA-00086 vulnerabilities? What’s Up? (Full update log at the end of the post as we make changes.) Intel decided to talk turkey this week about a cornucopia of vulnerabilities that external (i.e. non-Intel) researchers — Mark Ermolov and Maxim Goryachy from Positive Technologies Research…

The Oracle (PeopleSoft/Tuxedo) JoltandBleed Vulnerabilities: What You Need To Know

JoltandBleed vulnerabilities? What’s Up? Oracle recently issued emergency patches for five vulnerabilities: CVE-2017-10272 is a vulnerability of memory disclosure; its exploitation gives an attacker a chance to remotely read the memory of the server. CVE-2017-10267 is a vulnerability of stack overflows. CVE-2017-10278 is a…

The BadRabbit Ransomware Attack: What You Need To Know

What’s Up? Rapid7 has been tracking reports of an expanding ransomware campaign dubbed BadRabbit. Russian news outlets and other organizations across Europe have reported being victims of this malware and the “outbreak” is continuing to spread. The BadRabbit attackers appear to have learned some…

The Wi-Fi KRACK Vulnerability: What You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about the recently disclosed KRACK vulnerability affecting Wi-Fi security protocols (WPA1 and WPA2).…

macOS Keychain Security : What You Need To Know

If you follow the infosec twitterverse or have been keeping an eye on macOS news sites, you’ve likely seen a tweet (with accompanying video) from Patrick Wardle (@patrickwardle) that purports to demonstrate dumping and exfiltration of something called the “keychain” without an associated privilege…

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