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Rapid7 Blog

Alex Hin  



On the lookout for Intel AMT CVE-2017-5689

We've had some inquiries about checks for CVE-2017-5689, a vulnerability affecting Intel AMT devices. On May 5th, 2017, we released a potential vulnerability check that can help identify assets that may be vulnerable. We initially ran into issues with trying to determine the exact version…

New Policy Reports in Nexpose

With Nexpose, you can assess your network for secure configurations at the same time as vulnerabilities, giving you a unified view of your risk and compliance posture. The latest version of Nexpose focuses on making it easier to understand how well you're doing and the…

Why that CVSS score? HTTP TRACE vulnerability-your questions answered

Recently we saw that there were some questions on Twitter about the HTTP TRACE vulnerability check in Nexpose, specifically around the CVSS score.  Thank you @digininja, @tautology0, and @raesene for raising this issue - we love to hear from our users and appreciate honest feedback…