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National Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Tips for Improving Your Personal Pa55w0rd! Management

It's National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, which means it's a great time to chat about why you should consider a password manager to stay secure.…

Take a Bite out of the Vulnerability Remediation Backlog with InsightVM

Security teams dealing with expanding networks and increasingly sophisticated attacks can use InsightVM to help stay on top of their vulnerability backlog.…

Universal Event Formats in InsightIDR: A Step-by-Step NXLog Guide

Follow this step-by-step walkthrough to use NXLog to transform an ingress authentication log into UEF.…

How to Conduct DNS Reconnaissance for $.02 Using Rapid7 Open Data and AWS

Rapid7 is happy to announce that a subset of data from Project Sonar is now available on Amazon Web Services (AWS).…

Rapid7 Acquires Leading Web Application Security Provider, tCell

Today, Rapid7 announced the acquisition of tCell, a leading provider of web application threat defense and monitoring. We are so excited to have tCell join the Rapid7 family!…

Metasploit Wrapup

New evasion modules in Metasploit Framework, highlights from our Town Hall at DerbyCon VIII, and the last week's improvements and module additions.…

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Getting Started with Cybersecurity Education and Training Assistance Programs

Thinking about a career in cybersecurity? These education programs can help you boost your skills and get your foot in the door.…

Universal Event Formats Q&A: Apply User Behavior Analytics to More of Your Data

Rapid7 is proud to announce a new way to collect log data: Universal Event Formats. Here is a quick Q&A to give you the lowdown.…

Patch Tuesday - October 2018

This month's patches from Microsoft include fixes for 50 distinct vulnerabilities. One that's already been seen exploited in the wild is CVE-2018-8453, a privilege escalation vulnerability allowing an attacker to gain full control over a system as long as they first have a way to…

New Features: Rapid7 Launches Public API For InsightAppSec

Rapid7 is pleased to announce the newest addition to your application security toolkit on the Rapid7 Insight platform: the public API in our DAST solution, InsightAppSec.…

Metasploit Wrapup

Metasploit’s Brent Cook, Adam Cammack, Aaron Soto, and Cody Pierce are offering themselves up to the crowds at this year’s fourth annual Metasploit Town Hall at Derbycon.…

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Manage Your Risk at Home with Simple Tweaks to Your Voice-Controlled Devices

Voice-controlled devices can help handle countless tasks in your home, but they still come with some risk. Use these tactics to boost their security.…

This One Time on a Pen Test, Part 5: From Physical Security Weakness to Strength

During a physical social engineering penetration test, I easily got into the office with the help of a copied badge and polite employees. But would the company learn its lesson?…

Featured Research

National Exposure Index 2018

The National Exposure Index is an exploration of data derived from Project Sonar, Rapid7's security research project that gains insights into global exposure to common vulnerabilities through internet-wide surveys.

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Make Your SIEM Project a Success with Rapid7

In this toolkit, get access to Gartner's report “Overcoming Common Causes for SIEM Solution Deployment Failures,” which details why organizations are struggling to unify their data and find answers from it. Also get the Rapid7 companion guide with helpful recommendations on approaching your SIEM needs.

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Featured Research

Quarterly Threat Report

Rapid7’s Quarterly Threat Report leverages intelligence from our extensive network—including the Insight platform, managed detection and response engagements, Project Sonar, Heisenberg Cloud, and the Metasploit community—to put today’s shifting threat landscape into perspective. It gives you a clear picture of the threats that you face within your unique industry, and how those threats change throughout the year.

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