Here at Rapid7, we’re pretty proud of the work that goes into keeping InsightVM a leader in the vulnerability risk management space. We’re constantly investing in and improving InsightVM capabilities so our customers have no trouble seeing and proving value. That said, here’s our roundup of the new and improved features we’ve updated in Q3.


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[New] Validation scanning

We’re excited to announce that you can now save even more time with validation scanning for Remediation Projects in InsightVM. This capability is available to InsightVM subscribers who take advantage of Scan Engine Management on the Insight cloud platform. With validation scanning, you can immediately verify that your applied remediation solutions have taken effect with on-demand scanning, instead of waiting for your next scheduled scan or Insight Agent assessment. This translates to a simplified scanning process and faster results.

[Updated] Expanding user permissions for remediation efforts

We’ve expanded user permissions in InsightVM to facilitate better collaboration: Site owners and remediation teams can now create and manage their own static Remediation Projects. Enabling teams to self-serve eliminates the burden for InsightVM admins to manage every card and dashboard in InsightVM that’s needed by site owners.

[New] One-click fix for false positives

InsightVM now allows you to investigate vulnerability results as potential false positives directly from the Security Console. If your investigation shows that the result could be a false positive, you can report the findings to the Rapid7 Support team in a single mouse-click. We automated the reporting process so you can spend less time troubleshooting false positives, and more time focusing on what’s important. It’s a little piece of functionality that gives you big peace of mind.

[New] Turn dashboards into shared insights

Create an ad hoc export of the dashboard to a PDF file, making it easier to share information with your stakeholders—both peers and leadership. This helps foster collaboration and ensures all teams have visibility into the same data.

[Updated] Goals and SLAs

Creating a goal or service-level agreement (SLA) in InsightVM just became a lot simpler. Instead of following a four-step process, we’ve gotten it down to three: use, sort, and define your data, establish the conditions you want to meet, and save using our three-step wizard. We have also removed the need to choose among SLAs, time-bound, or continuous goal types. Instead, you simply create a goal with your parameters, then the wizard will automatically set the goal type based on your configuration. You can set a goal to track remediation efforts or configure assets. If you’re not exactly sure of the specific goal you want to create, recommended goals are now more easily discoverable in the UI.

There you have it! On behalf of the team, thank you for your continued loyalty, and we hope you are gearing up for an exciting close to this year.

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